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Carol Diess, CBA
Certified Balloon Artist

We're the Place for:
Quality Products

Dependable Service
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Qualatex Balloons by the bag or individual -
most colors and sizes available.

      Large selection of Mylars with Birthday, Anniversary, Get Well Messages, etc...

Balloon Deliveries to the Inland Empire & San Gabriel Valley. Other areas available with our nationwide balloon delivery connection.

Imprinted Balloons
custom imprinted balloons with your name & address or company logos. Minimum order 500 balloons.

Balloon Bouquets
  for pick up or deliveries.
Balloon Decorations for all Occasions.
Party Packages with helium, balloons, & ribbon for party/events of all sizes.
Balloon Classes balloon instructions given by our Certified Balloon Artists.
Gifts Candy, Candles, Stuffed Animals.
Imprinted BalloonsHot Air Balloon

Fill your own balloons with our helium tank rentals.
Party Packages with balloons and ribbons available with helium tank rentals. Different size tanks to fill 40-300 9" balloons available. Rental fee for 3 day rentals (extended time available at a fee) Pick up at our Upland or Glendora Locations

Refills while you wait
Glendora: Refills 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri
Upland: By Appointment

(Short term rental 3 days)
Number of balloons per tank based on 9" balloons

 Small       35-45  Balloons  $46.95  $50.00 Deposit
 Medium       75-85  Balloons  $57.95  $50.00 Deposit
 Large   100-150  Balloons  $69.95  $50.00 Deposit
 X-Large          200  Balloons  $79.95  $60.00 Deposit
 Jumbo   250-300  Balloons  $89.95  $75.00 Deposit

Cash Deposit Refunded Upon Tank & Regulator Return
Max. 3 Day Rental      $5.00 per Day 4 & More

Commercial Tanks
(Monthly Rentals)
**Call for current price**

 9"  800-900  Balloons  Approx. $205.00  $100.00 Cash Deposit
11"  400-500  Balloons    

$28.95  Delivery Charge
1st of every month $14.50 per month rental

Special Party Packages
(All Packages Included 11" Assorted Colored Balloons)
Special Color Assortments Available

 Small Tank


 Balloons & Ribbons  $54.95 Plus Deposit + Tax
 Medium Tank


 Balloons & Ribbons  $72.95 Plus Deposit + Tax
 Large Tank


 Balloons & Ribbons  $98.95 Plus Deposit + Tax
 X-Large Tank    100  Balloons & Ribbons  $107.95 Plus Deposit + Tax
 Jumbo Tank    150  Balloons & Ribbons  $131.95 Plus Deposit + Tax


 Small Tanks


 Medium Tanks


 Large Tanks


 X-Large Tanks


 Jumbo Tanks


 * Prices do not include delivery, pick up charges or sales tax.

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Balloon Color Chart
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